In addition to my private practice and business, I am also focusing on several projects that aim to help people be happier and more fulfilled in life.

13 Sins of Parenting Project (CZ/SK only)

The 13 Sins of Parenting project aims to help parents and children, both young and adult, to experience freer and happier lives and parenthood. It includes both the podcast 13 Sins of Parenting – How to Get Out of It (13 hříchů rodičovství – Jak z toho ven) and various educational seminars.

This project is the conclusion of many years of my work, building on previous trainings for companies, a series of articles on my blog and, as well as the successful podcast 13 Sins of Parenting (13 hříchů rodičovství), which I recorded in 2019 and 2020 together with the editor-in-chief of the Czech edition of Marianne magazine, Monika Mudranincová. You can learn more about the entire 13 Sins of Parenting project on the project website.

#SexQnAs Project (CZ/SK only)

The #SexQnAs (Sex: Questions and Answers) project aims to detaboo the field of sexuality. Aimed mainly at adults and adolescents, the project will gradually address, without evaluation or prejudice, the areas of sexuality and sexual health that most often cause people difficulties in their mental and physical health, in their relationships and in their relationships towards themselves.

This project came about simply because in my private psychotherapeutic practice over the past years I have encountered too many people who have carried sexual trauma and/or had sexual problems, often within long term relationships or marriages, for one reason only – lack of information about sexuality and inability to talk about sexuality. I have currently incorporated it under the 13 Sins of Parenting project.

Day for School (CZ/SK only)

Since 2021, as part of the Day for School project, I regularly give lectures in Czech schools on topics related to mental health, stress, resilience and self-care. During my cooperation with the project, I have already given lectures at primary, secondary and higher education institutions in Prague, Central Bohemia Region, Ústí nad Labem Region and Moravia-Silesia Region.

Blog Je čas na změnu (CZ/SK only)

The blog Je čas na změnu (It’s Time for Change) started in 2015 with the sole aim of helping those who are going through a difficult situation in their lives and find themselves alone. It contains a series of thematically comprehensive articles that guide readers through various life situations and problems, including suicidial thoughts.

How to Survive Cancer (CZ/SK only)

The non-profit project Jak přežít rakovinu (How to Survive Cancer) devoted to help cancer patients and their loved ones started in 2018. It wants to become a guide for cancer patients, standing by their side in all stages of cancer from the initial suspicion to all alternatives of its course and outcome. The project has already published its first publication, Cancer from the perspective of body and soul, which is intended primarily for doctors, psychotherapists and partly also for cancer caregivers. You can download it free of charge on this page (in Czech language only).